Meet Jessica Hernadez and the Deltas!

I love finding new music. I love it even more when I can share a new find with friends. …and we’re all friends here, right? 🙂

I was perusing the Google Play music store the other night, as we do when we’re bored, and stumbled upon this woman whose music stopped me in my tracks. Seriously, I haven’t been this excited by an artist in a long time. Needless to say, I bought the EP.. 😉


Jessica Hernandez has a gritty soulful voice that will probably be compared to Amy Winehouse. The difference is, while Winehouse was introspective, blue, and sometimes raw, Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas is decidedly upbeat and feel-good.

Here, for example, Jessica and the Deltas perform a one-take acoustic version of their song Dead Brains, as they drive around Mexicantown and SW Detroit in a 1967 suicide-door Lincoln Continental.

Some of the themes are the same. The chorus of Caught Up, for instance, contains the line “I got caught up lying to myself”, which is similar to “I cheated myself like I knew I would” from You Know I’m No Good, by Winehouse. But where I’m No Good contains notes of sadness and resignation, Caught Up is a bit more self assured and feisty.


“Sorry I Stole Your Man” is probably my favorite tune of the bunch. Her performance in the video is playful. Hernandez isn’t taking herself too seriously.

The Deltas are: Gordon Smith – guitar, vocals, Ben Sturley – bass, vocals, -Taylor Pierson keys, Stephen Stetson – drum, Timothy Gay – saxophone, John Raleeh – trombone

…and introducing, Jessica Hernandez

I hope you all enjoy her music as much as I do. 🙂