Which Would You Rather…

Here’s a rather gruesome thought.

I was asked, yet again, which I’d be willing to give up if I had to choose, vision or hearing.

I don’t know why my friends feel the need to ponder such hypotheticals.

I can’t even imagine the situation in which I’d have to offer up one of my senses. Would it involve some 007 super villain?

Because I love music so much, my initial answer would be sight – but then logic took over. Our world is so visually oriented, it would be difficult, if not expensive to get around without sight. For starters, I’d have to get a seeing-eye dog and learn learn braille. Furthermore, I’m not very organized, so I’d always be tripping over all my stuff.

Giving up sound would mean missing music. But I’m at the age, quickly approaching the half-century mark, where I’ve stored enough aural information that I can call upon it almost at will.

Not to mention the movies that I love so much that I know the dialogue by heart. I wouldn’t need subtitles.

Now I’m gonna be thinking about this crap all day. :\


Please note: The above may seem insensitive. I do realize there are people who have no choice in the matter. As the saying goes, “I complained about having no shoes until I saw a man with no feet.”