This is Mary Ann

She’s my God-dog.MaryAnn1

Which means

if anything happens to her human,

Mary Ann comes to live with me.

Here, she’s got her eyes locked on a treat I’m bribing her with.

She’s got no interest in picture taking.


…or so she’d have you believe.

She might “pretend” not to like having her picture taken.

But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest

that she secretly knows just how cute she really is.


Though I suspect…

in a previous life,


she might have been a pin-up model.

CAUTION: Amateur photographer at work.

While visiting The United States National Arboretum, love snapped a pic of me trying to be creative.


photo: ADignorantium

No, I wasn’t playing Hide-N-Seek. I was trying to get a low angle shot of the amazing National Capitol Columns.


photo: ADignorantium

These huge columns, originally from the East Portico of the U.S. Capitol, sit atop a hill within the National Arboretum. The reflecting pool was not in service on the day we went, but it was breathtaking nonetheless.


photo: ADignorantium