About Me.

I studied communications in school. My goal was to work as a video editor for a major television network. Times were tough. I couldn’t afford to further my education beyond technical school. But I made a decent living as an A/V Technician.

It was the 1980s. I was that guy at conventions and hotels with a spool of cable slung over my shoulder pushing a cart loaded with equipment through crowded halls. My specialty was assembling slide shows with twelve or more slide projectors. This was before Powerpoint. Everything was manual. It took hours, sometimes days to set up and coordinate the projectors, lenses, dimmers, and cables. God help you if you dropped the client’s slide tray.

  •   Today, all you need is a laptop and OpenOffice.

My career as an A/V Tech ended as everything went digital. I got a summer job as a bouncer/door man, and eventually became a bartender at a local bar. What started out as a “temporary” summer job lasted two decades. Interestingly enough, the skills I learned as an A/V Tech served me well at the bar. I used the same digital technology that replaced my career field to create in-house video entertainment and promotions. Unfortunately, when the economy tanked, so did the bar.

  •   If I was still tending bar, I’d probably find a way to incorporate social media into a bar experience.

I do Twitter and Tumblr, but I resist facebook. I don’t feel the need to disclose so much of my private life. This post is probably the most I’ve revealed since adopting the ADignorantium persona.

Because I chose an anonymous identity, I try to keep certain standards for myself. Abuse isn’t my style. It’s too easy to hide behind anonymity. My rants are my opinion. If I write anything other than opinion, I try to provide a source.

I read and follow opinions that I don’t always agree with. I stand by my opinions, but they are not set in stone. From time to time someone will shed light on an issue and I will see something new. This is called growth. Above all, I try to be consistent.

If I say something that offends you, let me know. But be prepared to explain why it offends you. Understand too, that it’s difficult to gauge tone from a printed page. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment if you don’t have the whole story. Let’s treat each other with respect and give each other the benefit of the doubt.

I like humor, television, movies, music, reading, Politics, and a good Twitter HashTag game. …and I hope for world peace some day. ;p

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