While We Celebrate LGBT Pride, LGBT Ugandans Fight for Their Very Lives.

“People’s willingness to believe the most outlandish lie in exchange for a promise of salvation never ceases to amaze me.”
I watched an Independent Lens documentary called “God Loves Uganda”  on PBS the other night and was utterly disturbed by it. — Not so much by the movie itself, but by the extent to which white Christian missionaries have gone in order to spread their Anti-Gay hatred globally.

Produced by Roger Ross Williams, “God Loves Uganda” shows the senseless violence that LGBT Ugandans are now faced with because of the vicious lies and hateful propaganda spread by Christian missionaries like Scott Lively.

It’s pretty horrific.
In one scene, we see a pastor tell the crowd that homosexuals hunt and rape children. In another, the pastor shows the crowd pornography depicting anal sex. In yet another, the pastor tells the crowd that President Obama is forcing women to have abortions.
Unbelievable, right?
This all can be traced back to the beginning of the AIDS pandemic, when the US began sending much needed medical and financial aid around the globe in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. Then, during the GW Bush administration, strings were attached to that funding. Suddenly, instead of an overall approach of condom distribution and education, American evangelicals demanded “Abstinence-Only” education. …and we all know how well that worked out for the US Bible Belt.
God Loves Uganda is available on Netflix streaming.
The thing that bothers me most about all of this is the utter disregard for human life. Christian missionaries like Scott Lively will stop at nothing to achieve his goal of demonizing LGBT people around the world. Even lie! His lies have created a dangerous atmosphere for LGBT Ugandans. These pastors don’t understand Ugandan culture. So when they spread lies, perpetuating the myth that gay men are child predators, the locals believe it and take the law into their own hands. Countless LGBT people have been murdered. Many more have gone missing. If God exists, I don’t think he’d approve of hunting LGBT people for sport. Scott Lively, and pastors like him, have blood on their hands.


If you get a chance, “God Loves Uganda” is worth a look-see. It’s a little rough at times but does shine a light on the dishonesty used by Christian fundamentalists who are, in my opinion, no different than any other religious fundamentalist. — Including those vicious animals who have stolen the name of the Egyptian goddess of magic and creator of life, Isis.

As we here in the US celebrate hard won victories in the advancement and acceptance of LGBT rights, I’ll be thinking of those around the world who continue to struggle simply to exist. Especially those whose suffering is a direct result of American interference.

8 thoughts on “While We Celebrate LGBT Pride, LGBT Ugandans Fight for Their Very Lives.

  1. “Unbelievable, right?”
    Unfortunately, no. I’ve heard the very same rhetoric from the bible belt xtians in this country…recently. ***sigh***

    Have you seen the whole thing? I’d be interested, b/c I can’t recall if they address the fact that along with the faith-based initiatives & funding, many of the people making these wild claims were trained in political action here in the united states at conservative fundamentalist christian colleges….do they make that connection too?

    I’ll be watching it during this week, as time permits, and appreciate the hat tip!

    • Our local PBS station aired the documentary, though I should probably check out the Netflix stream to see if there were things that could not be aired on broadcast television.

      The connection to US political action was mentioned briefly as part of the wave of religious fundamentalism that used the AIDS epidemic to their advantage. Resistance to any practical sex education in favor of a Christian-centric “abstinence only” agenda that uses fear as an incentive seems to be their modus operandi. The problem is that Uganda is not the United States. We have a central government and a relatively law abiding populous. Missionaries who go to foreign countries erroneously expect that their ways will be understood by the locals. We cannot expect other countries to behave the way we do. Projecting our expectations onto other cultures is unfair to them. …and as I am writing this I realize I’ve gone off on a tangent for which I must apologize. 🙂

  2. Alas I checked, they did not however show it in NYC! There was another (maybe Frontline, or other PBS show) that did an in-depth look at that subject, how they were trained at Bob Jones University, etc… and the prostelytizing & missionary “white-savior” complex. Remembering when Bush pushed that unprecedented & actually amazing bill thru for the funding that I was trying to figure out what the “catch” is…

    Never. Ever. Apologize. For. A. Tangent.

    If you do, then I’ll feel I have to follow suit. If I remember the name of the program that my memory is failing me on, will remember to share it. Likewise, the whole Red Campaign by Bono struck me exactly the same way, for those that pray at the altars of consumerism instead of conservative churches.

    There was another one they did TAILENDERS on POV (a name I’m quick to forget) about evangelicals, that was only slightly offset (their ways) by the fact they had captured many lost languages that are fading from use….which is to bring it back around to saying: HELPING FIGHT AIDS in AFRICA, Good! Exporting Hate & Violence on LBGTQ communities there, and infiltrating their governments with our rhetoric we can’t use here anymore: NO BUENO!

    Of course Scott Lively (of Pink Swastika fame) is sorta the genesis for it… and that should surprise absolutely no one. Which is why we not only need to keep them in check here, but around the world….Ever Vigilant.

    • Bob Jones University! THAT is the name I was trying to remember. — Don’t ask.

      With critical programming such as The Tailenders and God Loves Uganda, no wonder conservatives are hell-bent to defund PBS.

      • Right? They can’t wait! I’m watching some BBC one now, and have decided to try & find Call Me Kuchu too…since that seems like the kind of heartbreaking doc I love

      • Did you happen to catch the Independent Lens doc, “Limited Partnership”? http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/limited-partnership/film.html
        Richard and Tony were LEGALLY married in Colorado during a short period in 1975 when the confused county clerk approved the licenses. After applying for a green card for Tony, an Australian, they received a rejection from the INS in which they were referred to as faggots.
        The documentary follows their 40 year fight to stay together after Tony was deported.

        Apparently, Limited Partnership didn’t air on all PBS affiliates. Go figure.

      • Not yet, it is on my list…. It did here & I only watch stuff on the computer now, but will make it a mission to in the next few days… thanks for the reminder!

  3. Sorry, one last thing. Aside from the White Savior trope, the Blacks are more homophobic, basic-ass Africa-phobia-cum-ignorance, etc… are also infuriating, or the fact that they are selling this new package as “anti-colonial” when given its provenance….it is totally colonial, fundamental even.

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