Bette Midler “Hurricane” #ThrowbackThursday

Bette Midler “Hurricane”

(song written by Bette Midler and Randy Kerber)


…from the 1979 album Thighs and Whispers.

Bette Midler T & W

Bette’s fifth album is probably her most underrated. It’s got some well known tunes like “Big Noise From Winnetka”,Married Men“ and a decent cover of Johnny Bristol’s “Hang on in There Baby” but also includes some really good gems like “Cradle Days” and her moving cover of James Taylor’s “Millworker”.

Bette’s voice really shines on this album.

I always thought Hurricane was “hit worthy”. I used to play it on ‘Classic Disco Sundays’ when I was a fill-in DJ way back in the 90s.

Why wasn’t it a hit?

Rumor has it that, during the release party for one of the single off of her new album, an exhausted Bette Midler was verbally accosted by a radio DJ who didn’t like the new song. Apparently, he was waving the 45 record in her face, so Bette snatched it out of his hand, threw it on the floor, smashed it with her heel, and told him, “Well then don’t play it!” The humiliated and angry DJ vowed to never play another Bette Midler song on his station again. That was that.

Bette’s new tour “Divine Intervention” begins Friday.  ...and of course I have tickets! Yay! 😀

bette tickets98

Unfortunately, Love isn’t a fan. So he’s staying home. On the bright side, I get to take a really good friend who, if it’s at all possible, will probably have a better time than me. 😛

8 thoughts on “Bette Midler “Hurricane” #ThrowbackThursday

  1. As a huge fan, you know what… I slept on this album. Don’t have it, never did, and can’t say I’ve ever listened to it (although probably did). Previous to this point I’d have said ‘No Frills’ (while sorta commercially more viable than this one) it didn’t fare much better on the charts, even with a ‘hit’ of sorts. Thanks for adding this to my playlist for the day…

    • No Frills was such a departure from what Bette had produced up to that point. It fit in with the synthesized productions of the MTV era. The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a studio version of “Here Comes the Flood” which she sang in the tour that preceded the album’s release. (Maybe there was licensing issues?) — Jeez, can you tell I’m a fan? 😛

      I agree though. No Frills was/is a solid album.

      • I only have it on cassette tape too, no scratch that maybe vinyl (locked up tight). Yes I can tell you are a fan, and even from this post – it put my fandom into a rather deflated light. I’m so jelly that you are going to see her! Honestly. Enjoy for me.

      • I’m gonna try! 🙂
        My other half isn’t a fan so I’m taking someone who’s a bigger fan than me. I’ll be splitting my time between watching the stage and my friend. 😀

      • it should also be noted, I like departure albums, even when they are seemingly trying to fit into a changing paradigm…Think she managed to pull it off without selling her soul. (although coming after the movies it must have seemed like it at the time)

        *sorry trying to get my bonafides back as a FanBoi

  2. Thighs and Whispers is probably my favorite studio album BM has made (next to The Divine Miss M, of course). Every song is a gem, especially Hurricane and Cradle Days. I’d say Cradle Days has some of her best vocals ever recorded. Thanks for this post! I’m seeing her in Vegas and in LA on 5/28 where I bought a MEET AND GREET. I’m dying on the inside a little as meeting Bette is a dream come true.

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