How to Defend Yourself Against a Gay Basher

I’ve been targeted twice. I was beat up pretty bad the first time. I fought back the second time. My attacker was in complete and utter shock that I fought back. It caught him off guard. I still got hurt, but I left him bloody as well. But I could have been killed.
My point is, pay attention to the advice listed here. Women too. It could save your life.

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How to Defend Yourself Against a Gay Basher


Self-Defense Tactics

I am going to share a story with you about a buddy of mine named Blake who successfully defended himself against a gay bashing street thug. This incident happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and involved an attacker who thought Blake was going to be an easy target. He thought wrong.

My hope is by sharing his story, you will be armed with useful knowledge for the future. I will highlight a few self-defense tips, some used by Blake, which he believes very much saved his life. 

I know there are many readers of this blog who at some point in life have experienced a gay bashing bully. More mature readers of this site likely know of at least one person who has been the victim of anti-gay violence with a bad ending.  

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