Icky or Not, New Ads Make Gmail Worse

Well… this would explain the invitations, to join threesome with Beautiful Blondes, I’ve been getting.


If you’ve recently switched over to Gmail’s new auto-organizing inbox lately, you may have noticed some new ads in an unsightly place.

As Google Operating System and others have reported, advertisements are starting to show up within the “Promotions” tab of the new inbox. These messages have a different color background, along with a little “ad” notation, but they otherwise look similar to real e-mails, complete with a sender, subject and bold text in the style of an unread message.

The key distinction is that these aren’t actual messages. Google hasn’t been handing users’ e-mail addresses over to advertisers. Instead, it’s picking out promotional offers that it thinks you might like and sticking them in a section of your inbox.

A lot of the surrounding discussion has been about whether the new ads qualify as spam or are a justifiable way for Google to make money. VentureBeat cries foul

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