How to Block Numbers on Your Smartphone for Free

This could be a valuable defense against in-laws and strange relatives. ;p


Cell phone spam is a real problem. In fact, one tech analyst writing for Forbes recently opined that the “Do Not Call List” doesn’t work and estimated as many as 100 billion robocalls—calls lacking a human being on the other end—and other solicitations are made to cell phones in the U.S. every year.

Another analyst told Bloomberg that in 2011 4.5 billion spam text messages were pushed out to cell phone owners, so you can imagine by now that number is even higher.

And, don’t forget about clingy exes who keep calling, incessantly harassing debt collectors or weirdos from Craigslist who won’t stop texting you about the laptop you sold weeks ago.

So what can you do? Most wireless carriers will let you block at least a few numbers for free, so check with your carrier. You’ll also want to find out how long the block remains in place because…

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