My most favorite Easter movie!
My Grandmother took me to see a re-release of a Disney film. I think it was Pinocchio. Night Of The Lepus was also playing, but it was 1972 and we didn’t have a Multi-Plex.
Fortunately for my seven year old self, my Grandmother got the show times mixed up. She was horrified. I couldn’t stop laughing.
Such fond memories for a boy to have of his Grandmother. :)

Originally posted on The Merry Frolics of Teleport City:

Watch enough of the types of movies that regularly occupy the screens here at Teleport City, and at some point you will undoubtedly find yourself lifting your arms up into the air toward yon’ heavens and, in a booming and suitably epic film sounding voice, beseeching Jehovah himself. “O Lord!” you will cry, “O Lord, how in the name of all that is twisted and unholy did this film ever get made?” For the very existence of some films, if not exactly a pox ‘pon the very arse of Almighty God Himself, are at least perplexing in their existence. Who, you ask the hideous phantoms that haunt you whenever you are left too long by yourself (the phantoms look like Mick Jagger in Performance), in their right mind would have ever green-lighted this film? You are especially likely to ask yourself (and your inner demons) this question if, like…

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