Ad-Ignorantium (a definition)

Ad Ignorantium  (Add-ignore-ant-tee-um) noun: Statements made by a speaker that are true only to the degree that the listener is paying attention. To appeal to ignorance.


Think “I am not a crook.” or “I did not have sex with that woman.” Both were true if you weren’t paying attention. (…and truly believed them.)


I figured Ad-Ignorantium would fit the internet because no one really knows what is true or not online. However, when I chose that moniker for twitter, I never imagined I’d be so honest. Truly.

I stumbled upon Ad-Ignorantium while searching for something to take the place of my first choice, Non-Sequitur, which was already taken.

Non-Sequitur means “That which does not follow”, which is far more appropriate for me.

Now you know.


PS: Follow me on twitter. @ADignorantium


2 thoughts on “Ad-Ignorantium (a definition)

  1. Hi, Frank,

    Well, I learned a new word today! Thanks. The subtitle under your main name is funny. My husband and I have a joke if the phone rings or there’s a work emergency or something becomes our emergency due to poor planning on another’s part: “please hold….your call is MODERATELY important to us…” heh heh

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